User in Daemon, how to get rid off Horst

From: Horst
Date: 3/18/15 7:14 AM
Topic: User in Daemon, how to get rid off
Type: DeltaCopy Usage
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I have a NAS with a rsync-Daemon running. Backup from Linux-Clients to NAS works fine. Now I installed DeltaCopy Client for Windows. Connection works (without ssh), but now backup.

I added --log-file="C:\Users\USER\Documents\DeltaCopy.log" and it is created but remains empty.

Command created is:
rsync.exe -v -rlt -z --delete --log-file="C:\Users\USER\Documents\DeltaCopy.log" "/cygdrive/C/Users/USER/" "IP_NAS:backupWINDOWS/USER/"

on Linux, this works fine
rsync -au --log-file=/home/USER/rsync.log --delete /home/ IP_NAS:backupLINUX

So why is USER added by DeltaCopy?

Can I change the rsync-options manually (not add some)?

If I change the scheduling, I'm asked for Password, why? Which one, Windows or NAS? It looks like the changes are done without PW. What is the Authentication-Tab for?

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